Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Things we learn from children.

Things we can learn from children that tend to fade as we become adults.

1. Patience
2. Forgiveness
3. Persistence
4. Never giving up
5. Unconditional love
6. How to have fun.
7. Sometimes the box/wrapping paper is better..finding enjoyment in simple things in life.
8. Everyday is a playday
9. The world is your playground
10. Naps are necessary.
11. Asking why? Is not such a bad question after all.
12. Mistakes happen just try again
13. Possibilities are endless

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

They have energy...me not so much

Have you ever come home from work to a child thats energy level is on super charged! They are revved up and ready to go telling you all about their day bouncing off of walls sofas and ceiling all at the same time.  Sometimes as parents we cannot keep up with our children. We may have a lower temperament trait than our child. We come home from work and our energy level is at a 5 while our kids are at a 10+. It is important to find creative educational ways to help our children channel the excess energy.  Or maybe your child is a morning person and you are not. How can we keep them busy and occupied as we muster up the strength to match their energy level?  Its like parents are an old Chevy with its loud engine chug chugging along and out kids are this new fast sports car reaching speeds 0-90 in 5 seconds flat.  How can we match their energy levels without going crazy wanting to strap our kids to a chair so we can get a break for 5 minutes?
Here are a few simple creative way to occupy or entertain (tire out) our kids to have a little bit of rest as the day comes to a start or end.
·         Cradle and rocking your baby while singing your childs favorite lullaby after a warm bath.
·         Giving your baby some tummy time is always a great idea. Create a play area filled with eye catching things toys that light up and make noises or toys that are soft and fuzzy to touch pick age appropriate toys that your child can explore and put in his or her mouth. Place a soft blank on the floor or a play mat and place your child on the mat. Place the toys just out of reach of your baby. By doing this your child will gravitate towards the toy they are interested in.  Not only will they be building their large motor skill but they will also be getting some great exercise and tiring themselves out. Use this time to bond with your baby by talking with them about the toy they choose to grab. Describe the color, textured, shape and so on as you drink your morning cup of coffee.
·         If youre a parent that travels home with your child from work, going for a walk or a stroll can do wonders. While you stroll they run, hop, skip or jump. Give your child a stopping point they can run to and wait for you to meet them or catch up. You can even time them giving them incentive to run faster tiring themselves out even more. Play a game of eye spy with your child to help them become more aware of their surrounds. Make the outside their obstacle course giving your child the freedom to climb benches and hop off or climb a fence and hop off.
·         Try the wind down wiggle dance before bed. We've all heard the song Let's get the sillys out from yo Gabba Gabba.( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISKHexpmaQ0)  Well it's the same idea. Use that song or make up your own. Include twisting, shaking, jumping, hopping, wiggling arms and legs to help your child remove that excess negative energy before laying down.
·         A warm bath classical music or your child’s favorite song and a kiddy massage when lotioning your child up with full on aroma therapy. Use Johnson and Johnsons lavender body wash or your child's favorite scented bubble bath to get started.
·         Keeping a schedule works wonders. Children do very well with structured schedules. Giving your child a cue, like a bed time song, word or something such as making story time bed time will help ease them into bed.
·         Giving your child the opportunity to be your little helper is a great way to keep them busy and give them some responsibility as well. If you are preparing a meal give them simple task of taking things out of the cabinets or frig for you or throwing things in the trash. Maybe even allowing them to help set the table with is a great job for your child. If you have a toddler let them play with some pots and pans with the big spoons as you cook they’ll be making beautiful music as you make a delicious meal.