Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is this what kids are watching in tv??

I couldn't believe my eyes! Bouncing cartoon boobs on my tv screen...with with ridiculously large perky breasts and erect nipples. What is going on on my tv!?  Who the?! What the?! How?!

Ooh I know who.. I how..and I know why... Now it's time as a parent to address the issue. Head on full of embarrassment and akward moments. Actually I am going just leave the talk  up to dad, but I'll be putting parental blocks on everything! And I'll be throwing a few hints letting him know that I know.

What's next..the  extra long showers?

The joys of parenting!! I want to be my Childs first line of defense. They will learn it from me first the right way of most things. Like drugs, sex, anatomy, love, friendship, etc. when they hear something they can say "that doesn't sound right",  and hopefully make sound decisions and not succumb to peer pressure.

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