Sunday, February 24, 2013

Emotional Hair

Emotional Hair

Do we as woman create an emotional attachment to our hair? I wonder why when women get their hair cut there are tears, heavy breathing, taken moments to brace oneself for the scissors’ to do their job.  Have we formed a relationship with our hair split ends and all that we refuse to let go of even it its damaging? The beautician explained to me that she has clients that do not want to trim their hair. They hold on to those dead ends of hair like they hold on to dead end relationships. Why? To create the illusion of length like we create the illusion of a perfect relation or life knowing there is damage that needs to cut off. Change is good. We need to embrace it.

I recently went from this....

 To this....


I cut my hair off. All of it! 

And I couldn't feel more sexier and empowered. My confidence has sky rocketed. Could it be that the lingering feelings for the guy that broke my heart have left with each cut of the scissors? Could it be the remnants of him running his hand through my hair have left with each snip? Or could it be the stress I endured during the years I have maintained my long hair have gone in the trash with each lock? I don’t know, but I feel free. I feel light. I feel sexy, as if a weight; a burden has been swept away. It's all been swept away like the hair on the floor of the salon. Was I carrying all those emotions in my hair? If that's all it took to feel as amazing as I feel now I should have chopped it all off sooner!